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    Quality Control


     In order to standardize the company's behavior, ensure product quality to meet customer and legal requirements, improve the company's reputation and product competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, the company has established a systematic and documented quality management system. The system conforms to the requirements of ISO9001:2015 standard, and the <<Quality Manual >> has been prepared, which stipulates the organizational structure, management responsibilities and quality management system process control requirements. 

    According to the needs of the company's development and management improvement, combined with the requirements of the 2015 standard and other requirements, this <<Quality Manual>> is issued by the decision of the leadership.

    <<Quality manual >> elaborated my company's quality policy and quality objectives, implement and maintain company quality management system is the programmatic document and quality management of the company rules and regulations, and is also offering our customers the quality assurance of official documents, and as the basis of the third party quality management system certification, require all staff must be strictly implemented.


     In the quality management, the company carefully according to iso9001:2015 quality management, production in strict accordance with customer requirements and product standards for production, integrity-based, scientific and technological innovation, production of customer satisfaction with high value-added products.
 For customers in the use of our products, found any product defects, our company will be very responsible attitude, to customer satisfaction to solve the way.


Welcome customers to give more valuable advice, promote the company's products to a higher level, prompting us to continue to improve, continue to lead and cross the industry cash level, the pursuit of perfection.                                         

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